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December 23, 2017

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November 26, 2017

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SINGLE: "The Tragically Hip"

January 8, 2018

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20% of Proceeds from The Playboy EP Will Go to The Crazy Horse Memorial Fund

November 13, 2015

Way back in high school when I first began to realize how much I wanted to make music I was obsessed with a band called My Morning Jacket. While I was originally attracted to their wandering guitar solos and soaring falsetto vocals I became more and more infatuated with their identity as a band both with their music as well as through their interactions with the community. Most notably the fact that $1 from every ticket sold at their concerts was donated to a local charity of the band's choice helped me appreciate the voice and influence an artist could have today, at almost any level. 


In that light, I am proud to announce that 20% of all album sales I receive from The Playboy EP over the next calendar year will be donated to the Crazy Horse Memorial Fund. That means if you buy the album for $5.00 on iTunes, Bandcamp etc., $1.00 will go to the Memorial Fund, then probably like $3 to the corporate fat cats (except on Bandcamp!), and the rest to your humble Space Wanderer. I will be counting Spotify plays as well, but considering that each play will count something like $0.0014 towards the Fund you'll have to do a lot of Space Wandering to make a real difference. 


So a little about why I'm passionate about this cause. First of all, Crazy Horse was a certified badass. While throughout its history the United States government has consistently taken advantage of Native Americans, the generation of Lakota led by Crazy Horse in the 19th-century represents an inspirational era of Native American opposition to the constant encroachment of American settlers, miners, and speculators. Crazy Horse's movement was in defense of his tribe's traditional lands, mainly the Black Hills of South Dakota which were spiritual ground for the Lakota and where Crazy Horse completed one of his most important vision quests. 


The Black Hills region of South Dakota is where the United States commissioned the carving of Mount Rushmore in the 1920s. In 1948, just a few miles away from Mount Rushmore, construction began on the Crazy Horse Memorial to commemorate the great warrior and serve as a monument to all Native Americans who have struggled with the invasion and domination of European-American settlers and explorers over the past 500 years. However, because the Memorial refuses to accept federal or state funding, they are funded entirely by admissions and contributions from private donors. When finished the Memorial will be the largest Mountain Carving in the world but there is still a long way to go. You can visit the Memorial today where you can see Crazy Horse's face and the outline of the rest of the carving. 


I am hoping that through my album sales I can contribute to this cause and bring more awareness to the issues brought upon Native Americans even to this day. I encourage you to visit the website below and read more about Crazy Horse, his Memorial, and the constant adversity Native Americans have faced since the European invasion in the 15th-century. Thanks for listening and wandering with me.





Nicholas, The Space Wanderer 



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